Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Returned With Honor


Wednesday was the big day!  Logan had class until 3, so Oakley and I picked him up from class right after he was done and headed out. Spencer started his journey Tuesday at noon (our time) and returned home Wednesday at 5 (our time).  Poor boy was SO tired! He flew from Freetown, Sierra Leone to Accra, Ghana. He then went to London, England then to Dallas, Texas and then home to Salt Lake City.   

I was not only so excited for him to get home cause I missed the boy SO much but I have been so excited for little miss Oakley to meet her Uncle Spencer!  Thanks to Alyssa and Melissa for the idea, I made this sign for little Oakley to have at the Airport.

Shiree made our 6 finger man welcome home sign for him.  When DJ got home she accidentally gave our little missionary man 6 fingers instead of 5 so it's been a joke in the family.  

We all pretty much jumped him as soon as he passed the red line. It was SO exciting!!!  He was lucky to have a traveling companion, another Elder from his mission flew TO his mission and FROM his mission. how lucky?

After Everyone did their hello's we headed to dinner at Wingers.  Spencer having been in Sierra Leone for the last two years said that the Airplane food was the best food he'd ever had! hahaha poor boy! He sure did enjoy his Wingers though!

We headed to get him released right after dinner. He was so tired we were just trying to get him home and to bed. The poor kid hadn't slept in over 30 hours.

This little girl's tooth FINALLY broke through on our way down to the Airport, and her second one came in on Sunday.  I was lucky enough to get to spend Thursday and Friday down in Kaysville to be with Spencer, and let Oakley get to know him better.  It was great! My mom and I took him Shopping on Thursday to get him some new clothes cause my brother stole all of his while he was gone (but lets be honest, that always happens).  He went to work with my dad on Friday to help move boxes and make a little bit of money, cause the boy was a lost puppy not knowing what in the world to do with himself.

I am so grateful for the blessing it is to be a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, and for the knowledge I have of my Heavenly Father and Saviors love for me.  I know that this wonderful family of mine will be together for eternity, and for that I couldn't be more blessed.

Monday, March 24, 2014

Baby lovin': 8 Months

My oh my, time is going too fast! Our little Princess is 8 months old!

Mowgli Crawl:  Little miss is SO close to crawling.  Sometimes she does it, but she isn't fully there quite yet.  Instead of crawling on her hands and knees, she uses her hands and feet with her little bum in the air. It's so cute.  We looks just like Mowgli from the Jungle Book.

First Battle Wound: Oakley is doing so good at pulling herself up, and walking while holding onto the coffee table and couch. While walking around the coffee table the other day she fell and smacked her eye. She had a little black eye after that.  She kept moving and wouldn't let me get a good picture. It wasn't that big of a battle wound, but it is the first of many.

Eating: She is such a good eater! She eats any and ALL baby food, and cereal. We have been giving her more and more real food.  So far she LOVES fries, Ritz crackers, Cucumbers, and Carrot sticks.  While at my parents house this weekend, Papa made Oakley her very own Mickey Mouse Pancake!!! It took her a bit to be ok with it, but then she enjoyed it for the most part.

18-24 Month Clothes:  This little chicka is a big one... She is officially in 18-24 month clothes.  We are kinda hoping she starts crawling and walking so we don't have to go up to 2T anytime soon... oh boy. I am loving these clothes though, they are so cute cause they are like little people clothes! 

Gets to meet Uncle Spencer:  At 8 months and 11 days old, this beauty gets to meet uncle Spencer!!!!! Spencer gets home from his mission in Sierra Leone next Wednesday...10 days to be exact.  We are pretty excited!

Monday, March 17, 2014

March Date: Spa Night

For March's date, we had an at home spa night.  Originally when I was planning this date I thought March was going to be a crazy month with my brother getting home, and Logan's brother getting married.  However, March seems to be the most quite month we will have for a little bit.  (Spencer gets home in April and Austin is getting married in June.  So neither happened in March!)

We went to dinner at a small place here in Smithfield called Trading Jim's. Its a cute little place, but kinda interesting combo of food... American and Chinese..haha.  Logan got a Navajo Taco, and I got a yummy chicken wrap.  Oakley and Logan had a great time sword fighting with their straws while waiting for our food. It was the cutest thing to watch! I think Oakley really loves when we go out to eat... she gets fries!

 After dinner we headed home, got Oakley down and then started our Spa Date Night.  We started with the Blackhead nose cleaning things.

While we waited for them to dry and work their magic, we took turns doing a foot scrub on each others feet.

We then did face masks. This boy sure is a keeper!  I mean doing this kind of thing, I sure am lucky to have him!!  I kept thinking about when we did this when we were engaged. I sure love him!

 While we waited for the masks to dry, we took turns soaking our feet in our little massage water bath that Logan got me when I was pregnant ( he got sick of me asking him to rub my feet! ) I also painted my nails which was nice cause I haven't been able to do that in a while.  Once all the pampering was done, we turned on Frozen. We were pretty much the only people who hadn't seen it so we thought we better catch up while we could. I fell asleep, but finished it the next day and I LOVED it. So cute!!

Stay tuned for April and more! :)

If ya want to see other Months dates see.. January and February

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Spring Break 2014

This past week was USU's Spring Break.  Being graduated you would think I wouldn't be that excited, but.... LOGAN had spring break and that is even better!  It meant we got to SEE him!  We had all these ideas of things we wanted to do and then the week started.

MONDAY:  It was pretty overcast on Monday, and Logan and Oakley weren't feeling too good so we just stayed in most of the day.  Monday night we were invited over to a friend Logan has from High School for Family Home Evening.  Shea and his cute wife Shellece were so nice to invite us into their home. We had a great time just chatting and catching up. We stopped at Charly's and had shakes for dessert on our way home.

TUESDAY: This was another cloudy day. With Logan and Oakley not feeling very good, we just kind of let the day be simple and relaxing.  However, I wanted to get out of the house for at least a little bit so we decided to go out to lunch.  We ate a Savannahs BBQ, and Oakley enjoyed her french fry!

WEDNESDAY: We wanted to go to on a hike all week, but this was the first day it was good weather.  Oakley still wasn't feeling good so we didn't want to do a really big hike in case she was too miserable. We ended up deciding to just go to the park with her instead, and it was great!  There was a nice little path around the park that we decided to walk around before playing at the park.

After our little walk we stopped to play on the playground. We were hoping there would be swings, cause we knew Oakley would love them, but unfortunately there weren't.  Logan took her down the slides a couple times, there were 4 different ones that they enjoyed going down, Oakley wasn't really quite sure about them, but overall I think enjoyed them.

After playing on the slides we headed over to the tunnel.  She really enjoyed this. we just kinda set her in there and she had fun playing with us through the little hole things.  We had fun just playing in there for a while.

THURSDAY:  This was Logan's big homework day.  My parents needed an empty gas tank before they fixed their car so of course that meant only one thing... Nana gets to come play!  She got here just as Oakley was waking up from her nap. We fed her lunch and then went out to run errands, go shopping, and grab lunch.  It is always great to have my mom come up and spend time with us.

Friday:  We spent most of the day just hanging out, and then later we had our March Date.  Read about it HERE..

Overall, we didn't do anything crazy or go on a vacation, but we got to spend the week as a little family and for THAT I am so grateful.

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Baby Lovin': 7 months

I know I say this every month but.. I just can't believe my baby is growing so fast!  my beautiful babe is
7 Months! 

These are the things this beauty is lovin' lately:

Standing & Walking: pretty much since Oakley was born she has loved being in the standing position.  She pulls herself up to standing at any chance possible.  If Oakley had the balance she would be walking around like CrAzY.  She walks round while holding our hands, but once you start you just can't stop. She gets so cranky if we stop walking her around the house.

She has recently discovered that she can stand holding onto the couch and the step-stool in her room. Oakley wont pull herself up on them yet, she pulls herself up on us, then moves to them.

Spitting and sucking bottom lip: She has been looking like a little old lady lately when she sucks on her bottom lip. She will suck on it for awhile, and then just start spitting. It cracks me up and she just does it all day long. Just one more thing that adds drool to her clothes.

Crawling: This is just now starting to be ok with Oakley.  She used to hate it, and have no interest in crawling.  She is starting to realize that its ok and she can actually get somewhere with it.  She does really good and moves really fast if we let her push against our hands.  On her own though she isn't 100% there yet.  She rocks back and forth and will kick her legs like crazy we are working on it though.  I  don't think it'll take long before she is all over it!

Clothes: This chunk is wearing 12 & 18 month clothes.  most of her 12 month shirts are too small, but her pants depending on the type fit great.  this girl is growing very very well! I'm betting by April she will be in 18-24 month clothes, so I've been starting to stock up on them while the sales have been happening.  I just can't keep up with this girl!

Walks:  With this beautiful weather lately, baby girl and I have really needed to get out of the house.  These are the first times she has actually been able to sit in the stroller rather than in the carseat in it. Since the last time we used it was when she was just a few months old.  We have some great walking partners that come with us.  My friend has a little boy that was born the day after Oakley.  We walk for about an hour and its nice to have adult time!

Emptying things: Oakley has officially hit the stage of loving to empty things.  She will sit in the living room and empty her toy bin for like 30 min. She will also "help" with laundry by emptying all the clothes out of the  laundry basket.

Mickey:  This girl LOVES Mickey mouse.  After breakfast while I get some dishes and cleaning done she will watch Mickey and as soon as she sees him on the Ipad, just gets a HUGE smile, and then is mesmerized the whole time.

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Oakley 6 Month Photo's

I know I'm almost a month late, but I just wanted to share some of the photo's I took of Oakley last month for her 6 Month photos.  Enjoy! :)

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Presidents Day Weekend

Saturday afternoon after Logan got off work we headed to Bear Lake to spend the weekend with his family.  they have a time share there so we were all headed up for the weekend.  It was really beautiful view of the lake coming out of the canyon!

We got there and enjoyed some great family time and got all settled in.  Later on that night we all headed to the church. The bishop of the ward let us borrow keys and go play in the gym.  The kids played with some sweet toys from the nursery while us big kids played some basketball and other games.  
We played for a while, then headed back to put Oakley down and then Aaron prepared us all a very nice Steak Dinner. They were HUGE and DELISH!! 
 Sunday we played some games before church and then hit up sacrament meeting. It was so full we were not only in the over flow, but we were sitting up against the stage! Logan and I had to leave a bit early though cause little miss Oakley decided it would be funny to have a blow out! Once we were home and the kids were down for their naps we played some more games!  After the kids woke up we headed to the pool.  Oakley had 3 suits that I took up cause they wont fit her when the weather is good.  One of them wouldn't even go over her thighs! ha ha so we let her show off her little figure in her little bikini!

Kimmy got her a little floaty for the pool, and Oakley loved it! She was so cute, and kicking her little legs like crazy!  I can't wait for summer time to take this little babe swimming all the time!

After dinner Kimmy cut Logan's hair for me cause I really didn't want to, and then we took a little break from watching the Olympics and put in Oblivion to watch. It was nice being able to watch so much of the Olympics while we were there this weekend since we don't have TV at our house.

Monday we got up, had a nice big breakfast, played some more games while Oakley napped, and then once she woke up we took her out to try sledding.  

Logan took her down first, and accidentally sprayed her completely with snow when his feet dragged, she was done after that, and was a little miss grumpy pants the rest of the time.

Even though we were only out side for a total of maybe 15 minutes, we had fun and i'm glad Oakely was able to have a chance sledding...even if she hated it.

We hope you all had a fun Holiday Weekend!